Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About The Company.

How long has RG Urban Company been in Business?

The RG Urban Company has been a locally owned company serving Collin, Denton and Dallas counties since 1975.

Warranty Information

We offer a TWO year warranty on all insurance work, with the exception of roofs, which are warranted ONE year.

We offer a ONE year warranty on all non-Insurance and Remodeling work, which typically compares to new home warranties.

Payment Questions.

What type of Payments do you accept?

We Accept cash, certified checks, personal checks, endorsed insurance settlement checks or a combination of these.

Estimate Questions.

Do you charge for estimates?

No we do not charge for estimates. Please note that our estimates are valid for 30 days, and after that time frame, need to be “re-priced” due to market conditions.

What type of software do you use for estimating?

Since 1995 we have used “Xactimate” which is the industry “GOLD” standard for estimating. This software is accepted by 90% all insurance companies and incorporates up to date market conditions for General Contractors.

General Questions.

Are there safety issues we need to be concerned about?

We are fully insured and since 1975 have never had any issues. We do recommend that you safely store any valuables or move any thing of value in the way of the craftsmen, as we cannot be responsible for moving something of value.

Do I have to stay home when workmen are in my home?

We recommend the use of a “lock box” to ease the flow of craftsmen in your home and disruption to your schedule. Of course you are always welcome to be home when they are working. Sometimes due to difficulties uncovered during an earlier appointment the craftsmen may need to finalize the situation before proceeding to your home.

How quickly can you begin?

We will develop a mutually acceptable work and payment schedule. Then all you have to do is sign the “estimate” & our “Authorization to Repair” so we can begin.

What type of questions can I ask the craftsmen?

The craftsmen are responsible for the work they have been assigned. They cannot quote pricing or provide advice on the project. If you have any questions or extra work that you want performed, please discuss the situation with your Project Manager.

Service Questions.

What services does the RG Urban Company offer?

The RG Urban Company is a locally owned General Contractor in the heart of Collin County. As a General Contractor,we have two divisions.

One division is a full service Restoration and Remodeling company. The second division Designs and Builds Custom Homes and Commercial Buildings.

We proudly provide professional services to both Residential and Commercial clients throughout the North Dallas, Collin, Denton and Grayson County Areas.

The RG Urban Company team of professionals is committed to providing you with the finest possible Restoration and Remodeling services as well as Residential and Commercial building construction using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Insurance Questions.

I need help working with my insurance company. How can you help?

We work closely with your insurance company throughout your project. We handle all size claims, both small and large.

We use electronic notes and digital cameras and Xactimate Estimating, which is a standard in the insurance business.