Claims Process

Understanding the Claims Process – by the RG Urban Company

Although each insurance company’s claims processes are different, the goals are always the same. That is, to collect the necessary information from you so that your claim can be processed fairly and quickly. Since 1975, the RG Urban Company has been working on your behalf and with the insurance industry to help you navigate through the process as easily as possible. Your insurance company may have a preferred list of contractors, who are usually pre-qualified by your company. Remember, however, you may select any contractor you wish to do the repairs.

  • The first step is to submit your claim to either your agent or directly to a representative of your insurance company. With most companies, this may be done by telephone or by the internet. You can always talk to the agent who sold you your homeowners’ policy for guidance or they may be able to submit a claim on your behalf. To file a claim yourself, look on your insurance policy for a phone number.
  • Once a claim has been filed, a claim number will be assigned. In most cases they will also assign an adjuster. While insurance companies differ in their claims process, the following basically holds true. Some companies have field adjusters who will visit your home to inspect the damage; others may use independent adjusting firms. Sometimes it may be a telephone adjuster, who relies on contractor estimates to settle a claim.
  • For emergency situations, it is essential to have an experienced restoration contractor at the initial inspection. The contractor can be invaluable in being able to stop the damage from getting worse. Since the primary focus of our business is restoration, we understand this process. We look forward to working with you and your insurance agent in a timely manner so as to re-mediate your restoration work as quickly as possible.
  • Understand your insurance policy. One of the most important things to understand about your policy is that it is your obligation to prevent any further damage from occurring. Therefore, report your claim promptly, contact an experienced restoration contractor, and keep track of expenditures. In order to ensure payment for damages incurred, communications with your agent and/or adjuster is key.
  • A qualified restoration contractor (such as the RG Urban Company) who understands the claims process and can prepare a thoroughly detailed computerized estimate is essential. At the RG URban Company, we can make it easier for you by submitting our estimates to your insurance company and adjuster, in most cases, within 48 hours. This helps expedite the approval process thereby getting the repair work completed that much sooner.
  • Several factors can influence the time it may take for your claim to be settled. Depending upon severity of loss, contractor availability and insurance company claims handling processes, your claim may take anywhere from a few days to several months. In emergency situations, some work can begin while estimating is in progress. The RG Urban Company team of professionals are trained to work with you and your insurance company to help reduce the time it takes to settle your claim and begin the repair process.
  • The RG Urban Company expedites the claim process by utilizing third-party pricing, which is widely accepted by the insurance industry. This also ensures that you receive an accurate assessment and you are fairly compensated for your loss.
  • In many cases your insurance company will pay the restoration contractor directly for the work. If your name is included on the insurance check, you will be asked to endorse the check over to the contractor when the work is complete and you are satisfied with the outcome. In some cases your mortgage company may also be included on the insurance check. If so, your assistance will be required in the process of getting an endorsement from your mortgage company. You may be responsible for paying a deductible, which in most cases will be due to the contractor at the time work is started. The amount of your deductible can be found on your insurance policy.

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