Wood flooring Part 1
November 14, 2019 RGUCadmin

Wood flooring Part 1

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There are several different types of wood flooring, today we will look at the engineered wood floor. Depending on how much you want to spend engineered flooring has many options. Engineered flooring is real wood usually an 1/8″ of an inch thick with plywood underneath all glued together. This product is good in all areas of the house, just remember wood and water don’t mix very well.  You can get engineered flooring in different types of woods and finishes.  Hickory, Oak, Bamboo and Maple are just a few of the more popular woods used.

Here at the RG Urban Company we can help you find the right product and color for your needs. You can find us completing projects in  Plano, Richardson, Garland, Allen, Dallas, Frisco, Carrollton, Farmers Branch and McKinney.  We even go as far north as Sherman.  There are also several other factors to consider when you are looking at this type of update. Baseboards and shoe molding along with the door jambs may have to be detached or removed and replaced or the jambs may have to be cut.

Another issue is where the engineered flooring meets tile, carpet or vinyl. The project managers here at the RG Urban Co. can help you through this process and get your home looking new and updated. Give us a call today 214 495 -8100